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 is a global engineering company that designs and produces motion control and servo solutions. 

100% Customer focus

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Our mission is to enable our customers to focus on their core business by offering unmatched service, support, and systems in the field of industrial automation.

Presenting one of our most fascinating made in Israel projects for an innovative customer developing spine surgery robots.

Superior edge appearance is decisive for any high quality furniture! For a technological leader in edgebanding machines in Germany, optically invisible zero joints are a matter of course. Our customer's latest edgebander has switched from DC motors to the stepIM closed loop stepper technology.

OEM-specific products is our DNA, it's where our heart is, it's where the highest value lies for a leading machine builder. One of our favorite projects of all times, is a custom multi drive unit designed for a leading carpet tufting machine builder in the US, with each carpet tufting machines employing between 200 and 2000 axes!

production of a 5-axis custom cartesian system that replaces a PUMA robot. The new solution achieved 50% cost reduction and enlarged the picking range, whilst increasing overall throughput.

Decentralized and cabinet-less control solution for a compact line of Delta robots, achieving maximum performance with the softMC 703 compact motion controller and the stepIM Nema 23 integrated stepper motors.



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