Cartesian and gantry

STXI offers fully-integrated gantry systems featuring two-axis synchronization, based on STXI linear servo motors, drives, motion controller and user interface.

Our close attention to both product quality and customer requirements means STXI linear servo solutions reduce the time, effort and cost you spend on sourcing components, engineering, assembly and adjustments.

STXI linear servo systems with either ironcore or ironless linear motors,
ensure high throughput, accuracy, and repeatability.Superior mechanical
performance is achieved through STXI systems with dedicated features for linear motion:

Feedback support for various devices and protocols:
HIPERFACE, BiSS, EnDat, Tamagwa, Nikon, sensAR.

Harmonic compensation:
Algorithmic correction of motor cogging due to mechanics or magnetic elements.

On-the-fly error correction:
Negates repeatable error positioning.


Fully integrated, plug & play system
Modular design with performance-matched components
Advanced linear control algorithms for maximum throughput and accuracy
Intuitive programming tools
Support for customization and special functionalites
Eliminates sourcing logistics and costs


Automated micro factory

RoboticsElectronics AssemblyAutomation

SMT Machine

Electronics Assembly

Autonomous harvesting robot



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