Robot in Entertainment – Video and stills production

KUKA ready to animate

Software technology package for simplified robot programming: KUKA.ready2_animate enables KUKA robots to execute animated motion profiles in a particularly simple way.

Software interface for simple robot animation. 


Create motion profile with software
Generate robot motion profiles with intuitive software such as Autodesk MAYA® or Take4D Virtual Studio

Read data into robot controller
Export the data to a Motion Path Table and transfer it to the robot controller

Have robot movements carried out
Let the robot perform the desired motion profile


Smoothness before speed:

KUKA.ready2_animate ensures smooth and fluid robot movements wherever they are needed – especially in robot-based rides or special effects with robots for the stage.

Software technology – how does KUKA.ready2_animate work?

The preconfigured KUKA.ready2_animate interface is based on time-based programming of the robot movement. Individual axis values determine the robot position precisely and unambiguously at any moment – both for classic industrial robots and for special robots for passenger operation.