Tool Calibration Speeds Implementation of 6-Degrees-of-Freedom Industrial Robots

Introduction As robots become more sophisticated, they are able to take on a growing number of industrial processes. Six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) robots are capable of the complex movements that enable them to perform well in many complicated industrial tasks like palletizing, handling, gluing and welding. 6DoF robots can lift and deftly manipulate heavy payloads, precisely moving […]

Improving Robotics through Model-Based Control

Dynamic modeling of robotic manipulators has been a known methodology in academic circles for many years. It commonly serves as a tool in robotics and engineering laboratories for research and development of humanoid robots and advanced control algorithms, motion simulations, and other academic pursuits. Dynamic modeling involves the development of mathematical formulas that describe the […]

Positioning Error Correction in Linear Motion Systems

Advancements in servo technology mean customers expect their servo-controlled machines to perform at increasingly higher levels. One performance indicator is machine positioning accuracy. Better machine accuracy ensures higher quality in manufactured parts and products. Precision positioning is therefore a critical requirement when selecting or developing a servo system. Servotronix has developed a number of methods for […]

Stepper Motors Use Closed-Loop Technology to Step Into Servo Spplications

Closed-loop stepper motors deliver precision and efficiency to applications that require the performance of a servo at the price of a stepper Introduction Technological advancement is changing the performance-cost ratio between stepper motors and servo motors for a growing variety of demanding industrial automation applications. Thanks to the adoption of closed-loop technology, less expensive steppers […]

TwinCAT – Master/Master EtherCAT communication

 Enhanced robotic performance now with real-time data exchange between TwinCAT and ControlStudio ControlStudio meets TwinCAT ControlStudio now communicates with Beckhoff’s TwinCAT software. The two systems can directly exchange PDO and SDO objects in both directions via an EL6695 EtherCAT bridge. While the Beckhoff controllers and TwinCAT software manage and monitor the workcell, the Servotronix. softMC […]

Vibration Suppression for Precision and Performance

Vibration Suppression for Precision and Performance   Advanced vibration suppression technology from STXI  Motion achieves smoother motion, faster settling time, and more accurate positioning. Industrial robots and machine systems are often susceptible to vibrations that feed into the position control system and cause system instabilities. Vibrations are typically caused by resonant frequencies and nonlinear forces […]