Medical Imaging Platform

A custom motion solution was designed for GE Healthcare’s Imaging platform.


To meet today’s medical standards of high and dynamic performance at a lower total cost of ownership, STXI has recently developed a new Integrated Closed Loop Stepper Motor for GE Healthcare called SCM - Stepper Controller and Motor.

Below block diagram demonstrates the special features that were integrated into the SCM: only two connectors and a PE at the top for simple cable plug-in, redundancy SPI communication channel for status and recovery, reading redundancy feedback AqB, digital input, and more.

SCM integrated stepper motor

This new motion solution comes in addition to our MCM (Motion Control Module), a DC servo drive widely used in GE’s patient tables and nuclear detectors, and the HPM AC Servo Drive used in various heavy load rotation axes.


Highly dynamic performance
Controlling a large number of low power axes (~60-120W)
Cabinet-less motion architecture to dramatically reduce wiring
CANopen fieldbus
Enhanced redundancy capabilities
Lower cost of ownership


CDHD2-LV – Low Voltage High Performance Servo Drives
stepIM – Integrated Closed Loop Steppers
PRO2 – Highly Dynamic Servo Motors


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