Lift AGV Robot

On-demand fulfillment centers are reshaping the supply chain and retail sector. A U.S.-Israeli robotics startup , builds automated micro-fulfillment centers for retail customers, reducing costs and speed deliveries of online orders.

A recently published report predicts that online grocery in the U.S. could rise to 12% by the end of the year! Through the combination of robots and proprietary AI based software, our customer can scale to just five thousand square feet of space to provide an automated micro-fulfillment center capable of delivering to the local community within the hour.

This flexible deployment model employs intelligent mobile robots for the shelves picking, now optimized with an STXI motion solution inside.

An integrated gearmotor was fully customized for their lift AGV robot, to increase the performance and to perfectly fit the mechanical configuration in the system.

In addition, the StepIM integrated motors were implemented with software customization for the encoder calibration to zero and towards D-type orientation of the front shaft. This dedicated SW feature is simplifying the assembly process of the robots, making the life of this OEM a little easier on the journey to disrupt the industry!