Food processing and wrapping systems

Flexibility of softMC motion controller adds value to food packaging and wrapping systems

Food packaging wrapping systems have a need to combine multiple
types of washdown and food-grade motors and drives. By deploying the softMC into a system, a customer can use the controller as a gateway between the PLC and virtually any third-party motor, such as a stainless
steel, linear, direct drive, or washdown/ food-grade motor.

Customers in hazardous chemical production often need the ability to control many different types of motors, including explosion-proof motors. Recently, a customer that builds filling machines for paint pens needed to add an explosion-proof motor in the filling head operation. Unfortunately, explosionproof motors require a different drive than what was installed on the system. By switching both drives to the softMC, the OEM could accommodate existing equipment designs, control all the motion, reduce part inventories, and increase reliability while protecting life and limb with the addition of an explosion-proof motor. As an added benefit, the softMC’s flexibility necessitated no changes to the customer’s electrical panel, eliminating the need for retraining. One PLC and one controller communicate with all the drives on the electrical panel.





softMC 301 – Compact Motion Controller
CDHD2 – High Performance Servo Drives
stepIM – Integrated Closed Loop Steppers