Autonomous harvesting robot

Custom cartesian robot for an autonomous vehicle

Full design and production of a 5-axis custom cartesian system that replaces a PUMA robot. The new solution achieved 50% cost reduction and enlarged the picking range, whilst increasing overall throughput.

The new design concept of a custom cartesian system to entirely replace the PUMA included:

  • softMC 703 CANopen to control 5 axis cartesian motion
  • 1 gripper control, CDHD2-006 x 3 axes: Z, 2, 3
  • stepIM Nema 17 IP20 x 2 axes: 4, 5
  • Third party motors with brake x 3 axes
  • Planetary gearheads x 4 axes: 2, 3, 4
  • Linear slide for Z axis (belt)
  • Cabinet and braids

The new system is now providing the full pick-up motion range, while maintaining the same working speed of the previous PUMA robot. The stepIM integrated motors were used to simplify routing, reduce components, and overall weight.


Custom robot costs 50% less than the previously employed PUMA arm
Increased throughput
Low robot weight, approx. 50 Kg
Protection class of IP65


softMC 703 – Multi Axis Motion Controller
stepIM – Integrated Closed Loop Steppers


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